ZA2 / Dual handle Transformer Professional KIT.
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ZA2 / Dual handle Transformer Professional KIT.

Pilotfly Dual Hand Transformer professional kit. One time meet dual hand handle, ZA2 25axis stabilizer, BD2 and RM2 can easy support to mount on Jib and Slider.

There is 2 version of Dual Hand Transformer pro kit.

Please select the model you would order in the drop-down menu.

2HTPROA for Adventurer

2HTPROB for H2B (Bluetooth4.0) , H2-45, T1 (Bluetooth 4.0)

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1.  PILOTFLY ZA2 set is a 5axis stabilizer suitable for the Adventurer .

The dampens the 'Up/Down' movement from the gimbal when walking and running. 

This combination, you can complete control for ADVENTURER and camera operation (Camera control Customizable)

1.High-precision ALL CNC production

2.Spring strength support from 500g to 4500g

3. Support normal and reverse mode use.

4.Lightweight design : 1kg

Package Contents

1. ZA2 Spring ARM set 

2. Dual handle set (with single handlebar)

3. BD2 (Battery dock)

4. RM2 (Remote controller)

5. AD-90 Battery

6. AP-50 Battery charge Dock

7. AC Charger

8. Carrying case

Data sheet

1.80 kg