ZA2 / Dual handle Transformer Professional KIT.
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ZA2 / Dual handle Transformer Professional KIT.

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Pilotfly Dual Hand Transformer professional kit. One-time meet dual hand handle, ZA2 25axis stabilizer, BD2, and RM2 can easily support to mount on Jib and Slider.

There is 2 versions of the Dual Hand Transformer Pro kit.

Please select the model you would order in the drop-down menu.

2HTPROA for Adventurer

2HTPROB for H2B (Bluetooth4.0) , H2-45, T1 (Bluetooth 4.0)

1.  PILOTFLY ZA2 set is a 5-axis stabilizer suitable for the Adventurer.

The dampens the 'Up/Down' movement from the gimbal when walking and running. 

With this combination, you can complete control for ADVENTURER and camera operation (Camera control Customizable)

1. High-precision ALL CNC production

2. Spring strength support from 500g to 4500g

3. Support normal and reverse mode use.

4. Lightweight design: 1kg

Package Contents

1. ZA2 Spring ARM set 

2. Dual handle set (with single handlebar)

3. BD2 (Battery dock)

4. RM2 (Remote controller)

5. AD-90 Battery

6. AP-50 Battery charge Dock

7. AC Charger

8. Carrying case

Data sheet

1.80 kg